Record Experiments, Collaborate, and Publish Faster

Take Notes

Text, Table, and Drawing Tools.


Fast and Predictive Search.


Automatic and Secure Backups to Cloud.


Share Notes, Documents and Files.

Fast and Simple Note Taking Tools

Using an electronic laboratory notebook should not be painful and time consuming. Elucidaid provides all the tools you need to log your experiments rapidly. Start logging experiments and data today.

Write up notes, add tables and draw plasmids in a snap.

Search Notes and Backup to Cloud

Use the blazing fast search tool to find notes and files right from inside the app running on your computer.

All your notes are automatically backed up on our secure servers.

Share Notes and Files

File sharing should not eat up all the storage space on your computer. Quick-View files before downloading the files shared with you. Using the interactive sharing tool makes managing shared files easier than ever before.

Invite coworkers and share files right from inside the app.

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